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Why has earths human capacity increased greatly?
a) Other organisms have been displaced by agriculture.
b) Humans have modified their environment due to technological advances.
c) Humans can live closer together than other animals.
d) Humans are now eating fewer plants than they used to.

WHy is oil considered a nonrenewable resource?
a) it cannot be used up
b) It is used faster than it forms
c) it forms faster than it is used.
d) it can be recycle.

Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
a) wind energy
b) solar energy
c) drinking water
d) coal

What terms describes the use of resource in such a way that they will be available for future generations?
a) Unstainable
b) renewable
c) sustainability
d) nonrenewable

What factors does not determine the size of an individuals ecological footprint?
a) amount and efficiency of resource use.
b) amount of waste produced
c) size of population
d) toxicity of waste produced.

What causes smog?
a) the burning of particulates
b) the formation of the ozone
c) acid rain
d) the interaction of sunlight with pollutants produced by burning fossil fuels.

Which of the following is a component of smog?
a) acid rain
b) ground level ozone
c) greenhouse gases
d) upper atmosphere ozone

How do green house gases support life on earth?
a) They absorb ultraviolet radiation, which keeps earth surface warm.
b) The absorb infrared radiation which keeps earth surface warm.
c) The form carbon dioxide which is absorbed by fossil fuels.
d) The pass the energy from the sunlight to chlorophyl for use in photosynthesis.

What is global warming?
a) the normal temperature of the earths climate.
b) the melting of the polar ice caps.
c) the trend of increasing temperatures on earth.
d) the changes in earths biospheres that affect the atmosphere

What may happen when a lake ecosystem becomes polluted with fertilizers?
a) increase in dissolved oxygen
b) Eutrophication ( when green slime covers the top of lakes and ponds)
c) increased rate of decomposition by divers
d) increase in carrying capacity of the ecosystems.

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