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The (club) budget is published on the web.
a) clubs
b) clubs'
c) club's
d) clubes

By the end of the experiment, the (fungi) smell was unbearable.
a) fungi's
b) fungus
c) fungis'
d) toe jam

All of the (nations) leaders were present at the summit.
a) nation's
b) nations'
c) nations
d) nation

Be careful, the (knife) edge is very sharp.
a) knife
b) knives
c) knifes'
d) knife's

I found this old football in (Andrea) backyard.
a) Andreas'
b) Andrea's

The smell of the (bakery) cookies wafted through the town.
a) bakery's
b) bakeries
c) bakerys'
d) bakeries'

The (witness) story did not match the facts.
a) witness'
b) witness's
c) witnesses
d) witnesses'

(Mr. Will) coffee is extrememly hot.
a) Mr. Will's
b) Mr. Wills
c) Mr. Wills'

All of the (students) did well on their test.
a) student's
b) students
c) students'

The (bookbag) zipper is stuck.
a) bookbags
b) bookbag's
c) bookbags'

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