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Jessica inserting cookies inside the oven.
a) inserting
b) inside
c) cookies
d) oven

Andrea went in the kitchen and sat on the chair.
a) in and on
b) the and went
c) in
d) on

Selma ran over a dog yesterday
a) selma
b) dog
c) over
d) yesterday

The road is under repair.
a) under
b) repair
c) as
d) road

I slept all through the day.
a) i
b) day
c) slept
d) through

Inside the tough exterior, lies a gentle soul
a) the
b) inside
c) gentle
d) soul

Once upon a time, there lived a king.
a) once
b) lived
c) king
d) upon

I walked up the stairs to see the problem.
a) up
b) see
c) I
d) problem

Jimmy lives down the street
a) jimmy
b) street
c) the
d) down

The water level is beneath the average level
a) the
b) level is
c) beneath
d) average

The ball was above her head
a) above
b) head
c) ball
d) her

The cupcake was in the box
a) cupcake
b) the
c) box
d) in

The dog jumped over the moon
a) dog
b) moon
c) over
d) jumped

Sandra was outside playing.
a) earthquake
b) the
c) sandra
d) outside

MRS. Mesa through the paper across the room.
a) the
b) room
c) mesa
d) across

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