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Which is a physical change?
a) burning coal
b) tearing paper
c) digesting food
d) iron rusting

Which is a chemical change?
a) iron rusting
b) boiling water
c) dissolving salt in water
d) melting ice

Which of the following is a physical property of matter?
a) pH
b) reactivity
c) temperature
d) chemical composition

Substances that can be used to determine whether a solution is an acid, a base, or neutral are called
a) base
b) indicator
c) acid
d) pH

On the pH scale, a low number indicates the substance is a/an
a) base
b) indicator
c) acid
d) pH

How is the Law of Conservation of Matter best stated?
a) in a chemical reaction, matter can only be destroyed
b) in a chemical reaction, matter can only be created
c) matter can't be created nor destroyed in a chemical equation
d) matter can be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction

The substances listed on the left side of a chemical equation are which of the following?
a) products
b) coefficients
c) precipitates
d) reactants

What type of indicator turns a series of colors in solutions? The color of the paper is compared to the chart of a vial to determine the pH.
a) litmus paper
b) indicator
c) base
d) pH paper

The chemical formula, H20, identifies what common substance?
a) table salt
b) sugar
c) dioxygen hydrogen
d) water

The following best defines elements:
a) Elements are substances that are made up of compounds
b) Elements are pure substances that can't be changed into simpler substances and are made up of one kind of atom
c) Elements are substances made up of two or more different atoms mixed together.
d) Elements are substances made up of mixtures

Which of the following is a compound?
a) sodium
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) hydrogen

A horizontal row on the periodic table is called
a) period
b) row
c) group
d) atom

The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are
a) pure substances, compounds, and mixtures
b) alloys, nonmetals, and mettaloids
c) metals, nonmetals, and metaloids
d) solutions, alloys, and compounds

Matter is made up of tiny particles called
a) atoms
b) compounds
c) mixtures
d) elements

Metals and nonmetals are two major groups of elements that have different _______ properties.
a) chemical
b) physical
c) temperature
d) matter

When two substances were combined together, heat was given off and the color of the combined materials changed. What has happened?
a) a conversion
b) a fire
c) a nuclear event
d) a chemical reaction

An example of a chemical change is
a) food spoiling
b) ripping a page from your notebook
c) feezing lemondade to make lemonade ice cubes
d) mashing a baked potato to make mashed potatoes

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