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Which human excretory structure aids in the maintenance of normal body temperature
a) sweat gland
b) liver
c) nephron
d) urinary bladder

in addition to water, the principal components of urine are
a) amino acids and fatty acids
b) urea and salts
c) amonia and bile
d) hydrochloric acid and bases

In humans, the organ that most directly regulates the concentration of water in the blood is the
a) heart
b) liver
c) pancreas
d) kidney

Which sequence represents the correct pathway for the removal of urine from the human body?
a) Kidney - Ureter - urinary bladder - urethra
b) kidney - urethra - urinary bladder- ureter
c) ureter-kidney-urinary bladder - urethra
d) urethra - kidney- urinary bladder-ureter

A major function of the human urinary bladder is
a) transforming urine into a nitrogenous waste
b) releasing urine directly into the bloodstream
c) storing urine until it is eliminated
d) filtering urine out of the blood

In humans, the immediate result of a blockage in one ureter would be to
a) limit the ability to store urine
b) prevent filtration of the blood
c) stop the release of urine from the body
d) decrease the amount of urine entering the bladder

Which of the following is NOT an excretory organ
a) Skin
b) Sweat Gland
c) Gallbladder
d) Liver

What is the main function of the kidney
a) makes red blood cells
b) produce bile
c) regulate temperature
d) remove urea

Kidney cells are known as
a) squamous tissue
b) nephrons
c) hepatocytes
d) axon

Which excretory organ is responsible for detoxifying bood?
a) Kidney
b) Skin
c) Liver
d) Lungs

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