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Which of the following is NOT a monotheistic religion?
a) Hinduism
b) Judaism
c) Christianity
d) Islam

The government exercised by Ancient Athens was a(n):
a) direct democracy
b) Republic
c) Theocracy
d) Autocracy

How did Renaissance discoveries lead to the Age of Exploration?
a) Domestication of horses improved transportation of goods.
b) Advances in medicine causes an interest in new diseases.
c) Interest in science caused the growth of universities.
d) Advances in printing spread knowledge of foreign lands.

How did the Crusades affect Europe?
a) Europeans became more critical of capitalism.
b) Europeans became more critical of the Catholic Church.
c) The Crusaders brought new foods and products back to Europe.
d) The Crusaders brought new ideas about law and government to Europe

What was a major accomplishment of the Justinian code?
a) The right of free speech was established.
b) Greek and Roman laws were preserved
c) Chinese and Japanese architecture was copied.
d) The right to practice any religion was permitted

What impact did a surplus of food have on early civilizations?
a) It gave people free time to specialize in new skills.
b) It caused people to become nomadic.
c) It brought about a strict class structure with farmers at the top.
d) It ended the need for people to trade.

Martin Luther believed that
a) the clergy should remain unmarried
b) good works, not faith along, bring salvation
c) the sacraments promoted the gospel
d) the selling of indulgences was wrong

The humanists developed many new beliefs about society and the world around them. What was one of these beliefs?
a) The individual was important and could help improve the world.
b) People should focus only on reason and ignore the ideas of faith.
c) The needs of the individual were less important than the needs of society.
d) People should look to the future, not the past, as a source of learning

What allowed Mesopotamian farmers to grow crops in a hot, dry climate?
a) They used buckets to carry the water from the river to the fields.
b) They prayed to the gods to bring the annual floods.
c) They dug deep wells to find the water under the beach.
d) They built irrigation waterways and ditches to bring water to their fields.

Chinese painters used a brush and ink to write beautiful characters called
a) calligraphy
b) script
c) mosaics
d) engraving

The family that promoted Renaissance ideas in Florence was the _______ family.
a) Da Vinci
b) Medici
c) Luther
d) Michelangelo

Which explorer found the first sea route to India from Europe?
a) Magellan
b) Da Gama
c) Columbus
d) Cartier

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