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What tools are appropriate when you are measuring the speed of a mouse?
a) clock and meter stick
b) microscope and stopwatch
c) stopwatch and clock
d) stopwatch and meter stick

Which tool should a scientist use when measure the volume of pepsi?
a) triple beam balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) meter stick
d) stopwatch

What should Cara do to make her experiment safer?
a) use bare hands to remove the test tubes
b) leave the hot plate on when she exits the laboratory
c) wear safety goggles during the experiment
d) eat and drink during the lab

Convert 68 cm to m.
a) 680 m
b) .68 m
c) .068 m
d) 6.8 m

Convert .54 km to m.
a) 54 m
b) 5400 m
c) 540 m
d) .0054 m

This variable is manipulated by the scientist.
a) independent variable; found on X-axis
b) dependent variable; found on Y-axis
c) independent variable; found on Y-axis
d) dependent variable; found on x-axis

Identify the control variable: Does eating breakfast help you concentrate on your test?
a) eating breakfast
b) concentration
c) type/amount of breakfast
d) cereal

Which of the following measurements is expressed to three significant figures?
a) 0.007 m
b) 7077 mg
c) 7.30 x 10 ^-1 km
d) 0.70

The symbols for units of length in order from smallest to largest are
a) m, cm, mm, km
b) mm, cm, m, km
c) km, mm, cm, m
d) km, m, cm, mm

Which action is the most important to complete before beginning an experiment?
a) Keep a careful record of all observations.
b) Gather the necessary safety equipment.
c) Clean the workspace.
d) Read all directions.

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