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What word best describe the Vikings?
a) kind
b) gentle
c) cruel
d) caring

How long did the Vikings rule?
a) 100 years
b) about 300 years
c) thousands of years
d) they never ruled

a manor house was similar to
a) a shack
b) a hotel
c) a mansion
d) a log cabin

Vassals would swear oaths of fealty to their lords. What does fealty mean?
a) obedience
b) war
c) money
d) love

Who is at the top of the social class in European Feudalism?
a) knights
b) kings
c) lords
d) barons

Who is at the bottom of the European social class?
a) serfs
b) knights
c) vassals
d) lords

When a king died, who would take over his throne?
a) the queen
b) the top baron
c) the lord
d) firstborn son

what was the responsibility of the baron?
a) to provide soldiers for the king
b) to swear loyalty to the king
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

What did peasants get in return for serving and working for their local lord?
a) protection from invaders
b) a long happy life
c) an easy life with little work
d) lots of food and the weekends off

Who owned everything in the village, including the crops, town, and serfs?
a) the king
b) the lord
c) the serfs
d) the bank

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