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Which of the following would NOT agree that the state should work at the will of the people?
a) Locke
b) Hobbes
c) Rousseau
d) Montesquieu

Which characteristic of the state do our 50 states lack?
a) population
b) territory
c) sovereignty
d) government

To whom did the three-fifths compromise refer?
a) slaves
b) women
c) southern landowners
d) northern business leaders

America's first form of government that left the national government weak
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Constitutional Convention
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Colonial Parliaments

Plan for government that proposed representation by population; favored large states
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Connecticut Plan
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Virginia Plan

Plan for government that proposed a bicameral legislature with both equal representation and representation by population
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Connecticut Plan
c) Virginia Plan
d) Articles of Confederation

Sending a message without using words
a) free speech
b) symbolic speech
c) pure speech
d) censored speech

People who feared the new Constitution would grant too much power to the national government
a) anti-federalists
b) federalists
c) colonists
d) loyalists

ability of the people to freely meet and discuss political matters
a) freedom of the press
b) right to bear arms
c) freedom of association and assembly
d) right to petition

Part of the Constitution that prevents the government from arbitrarily punishing you
a) due process clause
b) equal protection clause
c) establishment clause
d) free exercise clause

Which theory states that God grants a ruler their power?
a) Divine Right
b) Evolutionary
c) Force
d) Social Contract

Which theory states that nations grew naturally from family structures?
a) Divine Right
b) Force
c) Evolutionary
d) Social Contract

Which part of the Constitution states the purpose of the Constitution?
a) Article I
b) Article II
c) The Amendments
d) The Preamble

Creating schools is an example of which category of power?
a) state/reserved
b) national/implied
c) national/expressed
d) state/expressed

Coining money is an example of which type of power?
a) state/reserved
b) national/expressed
c) state/expressed
d) national/implied

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