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Any agent of disease is known as a _______.
a) virus
b) cancer
c) pathogen
d) cold

These are made from a destroyed or weakened form of a virus
a) diseases
b) antibiotics
c) germs
d) vaccines

You build up immunity in your body by making ____.
a) cells
b) antibodies
c) blood
d) protein

Antibiotics are used to fight ____ infections.
a) bacterial
b) viral
c) live

Antibiotics will not help a viral infection because viruses are not _____.
a) funguses
b) serious illnesses
c) alive
d) dead

A cold, the flu, and HIV are all caused by a ______.
a) drug
b) virus
c) bacteria
d) vaccine

Viruses only contain DNA and an outside _______ made of protein.
a) capsid
b) cell membrane
c) cell wall
d) layer of fat

A virus does not usually enter a cell, but injects its ____.
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) poison
d) DNA

Viruses are considered to be _______.
a) Living
b) non-living

Viruses can only reproduce in a _______.
a) test tube
b) warm place
c) Host
d) lab

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