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Recently we were able to see Earth's shadow during a
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) high tide
d) low tide

What phase comes after a full moon?
a) third quarter
b) waxing gibbous
c) waning gibbous
d) first quarter

During what moon phase can you see a lunar eclipse?
a) new moon
b) first quarter
c) full moon
d) third quarter

We always see the same side of the moon because
a) the moon never turns
b) the moon revolves at the same rate as it rotates
c) the moon takes a year to revolve
d) trick question - we do see all sides of the moon

When the right half of the moon is bright from our perspective, what phase is it?
a) full moon
b) last quarter
c) new moon
d) first quarter

The side of Earth that is facing the moon will experience
a) a high tide
b) a low tide
c) a lunar eclipse
d) a solar eclipse

When the moon is blocking the light of the sun, this is called a
a) high tide
b) low tide
c) lunar eclipse
d) solar eclipse

How long does it take for the moon to go through all the phases?
a) about a year
b) about a week
c) about a month
d) about a day

What is considered the start of a lunar cycle?
a) full moon
b) first quarter
c) last quarter
d) new moon

Why do we see moon phases on Earth?
a) Earth's rotation
b) Earth's revolution
c) Moon's rotation
d) Moon's revolution

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