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Alicia wants to determine if a new type of light bulb would improve the growth of bean seedlings. How should she set up her experiment?
a) She should grow ten bean seedlings in a lighted area
b) She should grow ten bean seedlings in a dark area.
c) She should grow five bean seedlings under the new bulb and five radish seedlings under the bulb usually used
d) She should grow five bean seedlings under the new bulb and five bean seedlings under the bulb usually used.

A science class conducts an experiment comparing Paper Towel X to Paper Towel Y. They find that type X absorbs 100 ml of water, while type Y absorbs 150 ml of water. What is one possible inference the students could make from this observation?
a) Paper Towel Y is the best kind to use
b) Paper Towel X is made from cheaper material.
c) The material in type Y is more absorbent than the material in type X
d) Paper Towel Y will also absorb more water than a third type of towel.

Before weighing an object on a triple beam balance, you must first ___________.
a) zero the balance
b) move the heaviest weight
c) place the object on the balance platform
d) rinse the balance platform with distilled water

A student collecting weather data for his report needed to find the relative humidity as one of the weather conditions. Which tool would be the
a) a wet thermometer
b) a barometer
c) a sling-psychrometer
d) a rain gauge

Bill wants to find out how much sugar will dissolve in water at different temperatures. He adds sugar to a beaker of water that is heating on a hot plate.What kind of safety precautions should Bill follow?
a) He only needs to wear an apron.
b) He should wear goggles and use protective mitts.
c) He should wear a face mask.
d) No precautions are necessary.

Jamar wants to find out how much rain falls in his backyard each day during the month of May. His science teacher suggests he design something that will collect the rain. Which would be the best object to use for his rain collector design?
a) plate
b) barrel
c) sponge
d) soup can

Scientists ______________ organisms into groups based on similar characteristics.
a) seperate
b) put together
c) divide
d) classify

A variable that is known as the responding variable? (you cannot control)
a) variable
b) hypothesis
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

What is the correct order in which we develop an idea through the process of Technological Design?
a) Evaluation, Implementation, Design a Solution, Identify the Problem
b) Design a Solution, Identify the Problem, Evaluation, Implementation
c) Identify the Problem, Design a Solution, Implementation, Evaluation
d) Identify the Problem, Implementation, Evaluation, Design a Solution

A variable that can be manipulated in a scientific experiment is known as a __________________
a) variable
b) hypothesis
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

Which of the following is a quantitative observation?
a) My secret admirer sent me three dozen roses for Valentines day.
b) Iris is wearing a yellow striped shirt and brown shorts to school today.
c) Can you see the different shades of blue in the sky today?
d) My laptop has a blue sleeve with red dots all over the outside cover.

High and low pressure systems affect the weather in a region. Changing air pressure can be measured using a _____________.
a) thermometer
b) anemometer
c) barometer
d) wind vane

The riders on the three beams on the balance measure different gram quantities in which of the following orders from front to back?
a) tenth gram, grams, hundred grams
b) ten grams, grams, hundred grams
c) ten grams, hundred grams, grams
d) grams, hundred grams, ten grams

Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
a) My dog a three bowls of food last night for dinner.
b) As I smelled the flower, it reminded me of sweet candy.
c) I built a domino structure that contained 1,978 dominoes.
d) Sea World is only 100 miles from my grandma's house in Florida.

Which is BEST suited to handle a hot beaker?
a) towel
b) tongs
c) rubber gloves
d) a paper napkin

Plant A and plant B are sitting on window sills. Plant A's window has no shade. Plant B's window shade is pulled down. Plant A is growing well, but plant B is not growing well. Which would probably help plant B?
a) adding more water
b) putting it in a much smaller pot
c) opening the window shade
d) changing the soil

The taxonomy levels used in an organism's scientific name are ______________________.
a) family and order
b) family and species
c) genus and species
d) kingdom and phylum

After finishing an experiment, chemicals you no longer need should be _______________.
a) disposed of as directed by your teacher
b) returned to their original container
c) poured into the sink
d) mixed together and dumped into a waste container

What should students do if a chemical spills during a laboratory investigation?
a) wipe it up
b) let it dry
c) tell the teacher
d) pour water on it

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