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US Presidents Reagan and George HW Bush supported the __________ in Nicaragua when they tried to overthrow the Sandinistas.
a) Contras
b) Hammas
c) Buddhists

Which US President declared a trade embargo on Cuba in 1960?
a) Nixon
b) Truman
c) Kennedy

Mexico adopted a policy of ____________, which is the sale of government-owned companies to private firms.
a) privatization
b) capitalism
c) communism

Who overthrew the Cuban government in January 1959?
a) Ronald Reagan
b) Fidel Castro
c) Joseph Stalin

What art form brings together realistic events with dreamlike or fantastic backgrounds?
a) magic realism
b) surrealism
c) Impressionism

Which of the following countries were NOT big producers of marijuana and cocaine?
a) Columbia
b) Argentina
c) Peru

What led to the creation of military regimes in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina
b) poor leaders
c) economic failures

What country funded the anti-drug campaign in Columbia in 2003?
a) Great Britain
b) United States
c) Argentina

Who were the Shining Path of Peru?
a) a Communist group that tried to overthrow the government
b) a Christian group of missionaries that were killed for speaking out against the government
c) a group of Bolivian citizens that attacked Peru to gain more territory

In what country did inflation rise to over 800% in 1987?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) Chile

Whose regime was the most brutal in the history of Chile?
a) Angeles
b) Francisco
c) Pinochet

Who was the man that led the charge in overthrowing the oligarchy in Argentina?
a) Miguel Braga
b) Ricardo da Silva
c) Juan Peron

What Panamanian leader was sent to US prison for drug trafficking?
a) Diego Hernandez
b) Hugo Chavez
c) Manuel Noriega

Panama broke away from what country?
a) Brazil
b) Columbia
c) Costa Rica

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