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Why was Julius Caesar killed?
a) Julius Caesar capturered Gaul
b) The senate feared successful generals
c) The senate felt he wanted too much power.
d) he was killed in battle.

Which of the following was part of Rome's system of checks and balances?
a) If someone called a person before a magistrate that person had to go.
b) Wealthy Romans considered it their duty to serve in the government
c) Under the law women were considered to be children
d) Laws had to be approved by magistrates and ratified by assemblies

What is the term for a belief in one god?
a) monotheism
b) Judaism
c) polytheism
d) Christianity

What kind of government did the Romans establish?
a) a monarchy ruled by a king
b) a dictatorship ruled by one
c) a republic of the people
d) a communist society

Renaissance means rebirth. What was beign reborn?
a) the feudal system
b) Mesopotamian architecture
c) the age of exploration
d) classical learning

Who is credited with starting the Protestant Reformation?
a) Michelangelo
b) John Calvin
c) Martin Luther
d) Henry VIII

What was the name of the trade system between Europe, Africa, and the Americas?
a) Middle Passage
b) Columbian Exchange
c) Silk Road
d) triangular trade

During the Reformation, what was one major difference between Protestants and Catholics?
a) Catholics believed everyone had access to God
b) Protestants believed that everyone had access to God.
c) Protestants believed in indulgences
d) Catholics believed only in the Bible as word of God

What were some of the things that were introduced to the New World by the Europeans during the Columbian Exchange?
a) corn, potatoes, tobacco
b) wheat, horses, diseases
c) sugar cane and maize
d) squash and cotton

Who was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe?
a) Francis Drake
b) John Cabot
c) Ferdinard Magellan
d) John Smith

Ancient Greeks explained how the natural world works through:
a) scientific texts
b) mythological stories
c) epic poems
d) fables

Which of the following was a Maya accomplishment?
a) a treatise on human anatomy
b) a 365-day calendar
c) beautiful calligraphy
d) the use of coins

What does humanism stress?
a) the importance of Italy
b) the importance of gender equality
c) the importance of human abilities and actions
d) the importance of God

A government in which only a few people have power is called:
a) a democracy
b) an oligarchy
c) a dictatorship
d) a sovereignty

The first of the three parts of the Hebrew Bible and the most sacred text of Judaism is called:
a) the Torah
b) the Book of Psalms
c) the Dead Sea Scrolls
d) the Vedas

Which had the least power in Japan's feudal society?
a) emperor
b) shogun
c) daimyo
d) peasants

People first began to build permanent settlements as a result of:
a) developing agriculture
b) controlling fire
c) inventing stone tools
d) creating language

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