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What two factors influence how a chid develops?
a) nutrition and where they live
b) environment and where they live
c) heredity and genes
d) heredity and environment

Two of the most obvious signs of physical development are what?
a) changes in height and weight
b) changes in hair color and skin color
c) changes in speaking and reading ability
d) changes in solving math problems and knowing vocabulary

Children from age one up to the third birthday are called ________.
a) infants
b) preschoolers
c) toddlers
d) babies

_________ refers to change or growth that occurs in children.
a) Cognitive
b) Develpoment
c) Infancy
d) Schemata

What is a 'window of opportunity?'
a) a specific span of time for the normal development of certain skills
b) the amount of time it takes to read a book
c) how long it takes to clean all the windows in your house
d) how you can see into the future

The links between neurons are called ___________.
a) axons
b) nerves
c) synapses
d) dendrites

Nerve cells are also called ______________.
a) synapses
b) dendrites
c) axons
d) neurons

What is maturation?
a) the sequence of biological changes in children
b) the ability to reason
c) the ability to form friendships
d) how you solve math problems

Social-emotional development does not involve which of the following?
a) learning to trust others
b) showing affection toward others
c) ability to feed ones self
d) building friendships

Fine-motor development involves the ________
a) small muscles of the hands and fingers
b) large muscles of the arms and legs
c) stomach muscles
d) muscles needed for bike riding and running

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