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The push or pull that gives energy to an object is called-
a) Energy
b) Power
c) Fall
d) Force

The force an object exerts on other objects is called-
a) inertia
b) fall
c) volume
d) gravity

An example of the force of gravity is-
a) a rocket flying through space
b) a cloud moving across the sky
c) the sun rising
d) a ball falling to the ground after it has been thrown

Frances was working on an experiment for science class. She dropped 4 steel balls of different weights from the same height. She noticed that the balls all reached the ground at the same time. Frances is probably doing an experiment on the-
a) force of wind
b) quality of materials
c) effect of gravity
d) states of matter

An object at rest will stay at rest until-
a) a force acts on it
b) gravity pulls it down
c) its weight changes
d) its mass changes

When a force moves an object over a distance-
a) work has been done to the object
b) energy changes the physical properties of the object
c) the object becomes smaller
d) the object changes mass

What force makes a bicycle harder to ride on grass than on cement?
a) Inertia
b) Friction
c) Magnetism
d) Gravity

Friction causes an object to change-
a) Mass
b) Matter
c) Speed
d) Size

Which of the following surfaces would create the most friction?
a) A glass tabletop
b) A tile floor
c) A bed of rocks
d) A wooden table top

Mrs. Chen hit a ball that was on a table with the force of her hand. Which of the following will least likely happen?
a) It will increase in speed.
b) It will fall off the table.
c) It will not move at all.
d) It will move in a certain direction.

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