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Which word with the uni prefix is not a real animal?
a) unicycle
b) unicorn
c) unique
d) unison

Which word does NOT use the prefix re correctly?
a) rewrite
b) rearrange
c) replay
d) read

The Latin prefix uni means:
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) many

The Latin prefix re means:
a) first or second
b) close or near
c) back or again
d) see or notice

Which word does NOT use the root vis or vid correctly?
a) visit
b) vise
c) vision
d) video

Which word does NOT use the root ast correctly?
a) asthma
b) asteriod
c) astronaut
d) astronomical

The Latin roots vid or vis mean:
a) see
b) vision
c) musical
d) brain

Astro is a Greek root that means:
a) one
b) alone
c) basic
d) stars

Bas is a Greek root that means:
a) high
b) low
c) friendly
d) one

Which does NOT use the root bas correctly?
a) basement
b) basin (think river)
c) basketball
d) basic

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