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What is gregarious?
a) Animals that live alone.
b) Animals that live in packs
c) Animals that swim.

Cold-blooded animals?
a) Body temperatures are the same as the temperature outside.
b) Body temperatures remain constant
c) Are always cold

Protective coloring that makes an animal hard to see?
a) Physical characteristics
b) Camouflage
c) Adaptations

What an animal looks like?
a) Are its adaptations
b) How it hides in the woods.
c) Are it's physical characteristics.

Adaptations are?
a) Certain methods that animals have developed to help them survive better.
b) Protective coloring that makes an animal hard to see.
c) What an animal looks like.

How long a baby stays inside the mother is?
a) Marsupials
b) The gestation period.
c) How the mother feeds her young.

Animals that carry their babies in pouches are?
a) Rodents
b) Cold-blooded
c) Marsupials

A plant eating animal with large front teeth is a ?
a) Rodent
b) Funny looking.
c) Carnivore.

Hibernation is when?
a) Animals sleep for the winter by slowing down their body.
b) Animals eat as much food as possible.
c) Animals that are awake at night and sleep during the day.

Warm-blooded animals?
a) Body temperatures are the same as the outside.
b) Are nice to snuggle with.
c) Keep a steady body temperature.

Nocturnal animals?
a) Animals that sleep during the nights and are awake at day.
b) Sleep during the day and are awake at night.
c) Hunt for small creatures.

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