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Nearsightedness and farsightedness are caused by
a) a defect in the structure of the retina.
b) the inability of the iris to change size.
c) damage to receptor cells in the retina.
d) a defect in the shape of the eyeball.

If the semicircular canals are damaged, which sense will be affected?
a) hearing
b) touch
c) smell
d) balance

Because of the way in which the lens of the eye bends light rays, the image produced by the lens is
a) upside down.
b) black and white.
c) usually blurred.
d) right side up.

Structures in the inner ear help control the sense of
a) balance.
b) vision.
c) smell.
d) taste.

BAC is a measurement of
a) the concentration of alcohol in the blood.
b) how long a person has been drinking alcohol.
c) how fast a person reacts after drinking alcohol.
d) the number of alcohol deaths in a state.

What kind of drug is alcohol?
a) depressant
b) inhalant
c) anabolic steroid
d) stimulant

When drug addicts stop using a drug, they may experience withdrawal because
a) the drug has made them nervous.
b) they have been infected by HIV.
c) the drug has damaged their kidneys.
d) their bodies have become physically dependent on the drug.

What structure passes sound vibrations to the cochlea?
a) auditory nerve
b) eardrum
c) ear canal
d) stirrup

Drugs that slow down the activity of the central nervous system are called
a) hallucinogens.
b) stimulants.
c) depressants.
d) anabolic steroids.

What produces sound?
a) rods and cones
b) vibrating material
c) chemicals in the air
d) light waves

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