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What wsa the purpose of the English Bill of Rights?
a) to limit the power of the king and queen
b) to abolish colonialism
c) to give the American colonies their freedom
d) to improve trade with other countries

How did Portugal improve sea travel?
a) Portugal scared away pirates
b) Portuguese designed better ships
c) Portuguese proved the Earth was not flat
d) Portuguese developed seasickness pills

Why was the League of Nations created?
a) to settle disputes between countries
b) to give financial aid to poor countries
c) to redesign geographical boundaries
d) to increase trade between Europe and Asia

What system of government reduces abuses of power?
a) dictatorship
b) aristocracy
c) separation of powers
d) unlimited government

What was the most powerful trading company in Asia in the 1600s?
a) Dutch East India Company
b) French East India Company
c) Spanish East India Company
d) British East India Company

Why was the Warsaw Pact formed?
a) a military alliance to combat Communism
b) an economic assistance plan to rebuild Europe after WWII
c) a military alliance to combat Western invastion of the USSR
d) as a means to control oil prices

Rousseau's ideas are connected to which period in history?
a) the Enlightenment
b) the Russian Revolution
c) the Middle Ages
d) WWI

What happened as a result of the stock market crash of 1929?
a) the Great Depression
b) Industrial Revolution
c) economic revival
d) the reelection of Hoover

What was the cause of the Boxer Rebellion in China?
a) religious freedom
b) protests over election restrictions in Hong Kong
c) restriction of Chinese trade in America
d) resistance to U.S. European attempts to colonize China

Although England was the nation that dominated the slave trade in the Americas, which country first trade for African slaves?
a) France
b) Netherlands
c) Spain
d) Portugal

What is the result of instantaneous communication worldwide?
a) decrease in urbanization
b) establishing a global village
c) developing a megalopolis
d) introducing a command economy

Who was a Communist leader during the Russian Revolution?
a) Vladimir Lenin
b) Joesph Stalin
c) Boris Yeltsin
d) Vladimir Putin

Which of the following was vital during the Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th centuries?
a) computer technology
b) improved farming techniques
c) the steam engine
d) a sense of nationalism

Which was a source of great profit in European colonies?
a) banking
b) map making
c) plantations
d) ship building

Mohandas Gandhi fought for what country's independence?
a) Britain
b) India
c) China
d) Mexico

What was the purpose of the Nuremburg Trials?
a) to get Germany to pay for WWI
b) to end WWII
c) to hold people responsible for war crimes
d) to test new economic policies

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