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Whats the job of the pope?
a) Oversee the church
b) Evangelize
c) Make use of the Kingdom of God
d) Teach the faith

Who was the pope of the early church?
a) Paul
b) James
c) Peter
d) Steven

All of the following are symbols used in the early church except
a) The Anchor
b) The Ship
c) The heart
d) The cross

What is the first part of mass?
a) Reading of the bible
b) Common prayers
c) Collection for the poor
d) Hamony

Ora et Labora
a) Play and Sleep
b) Eat and Pray
c) Work and Pray
d) Pray and Love

The prophet of Islam was born during the __ century and died in _ AD
a) 18th, 755
b) 5th, 808
c) 6th, 632
d) 9th, 808

Dominicans are to __ as Jesuits are to St. Ignatius of Loyola
a) Thomas Aquinas
b) St. Benedict
c) Saint Bernard
d) Saint Basil

Trappist are to France as Carmelites are ___
a) Spain
b) France
c) Italy
d) Egypt

The first crusade took place during the following years?
a) 1096-1099
b) 1120-1202
c) 1212
d) 1219-1221

Islam forbids any Muslim to ever accept these two key mysteries of the Christian faith
a) The holy trinity, The demurge
b) The holy trinity, Separation from church and state
c) The holy trinity, Secret knowledge
d) The holy trinity, The son of god

All of the following are flaws of the inquisition except
a) Secular gain
b) Anonymous accusations
c) Personal wickedness
d) The feudal classes of medieval society

Which of the following is not a motivation of the Crusade?
a) Fend off the threatening Turkish expansion into Byzantium
b) Free the Holy Land from Saracens for safe pilgrimage
c) Secular gain

Two key consequences on Christianity Of the Muslin Invasions have been?
a) Decrease of Byzantine power, Schesims
b) End of Reconquista, Battle of Tours
c) The battle of Constantnipole, End of Reconquista
d) Muslim invasions spread to west, Barbarians

In 1683 the battle of _____ prevented Europe from becoming Muslim
a) Tours
b) Reconquista
c) Vienna
d) Constantnipole

All of these are the advantages of infant Baptism except?
a) Forgiveness of sin
b) Incorporation of the mystical body of Christ
c) Relationship with Christ
d) Secret Revelation

All of the following are the three vows of Benedictines except?
a) Pray, Eat, Sleep
b) Learn, Observe, Sleep
c) Poverty, Chasity, Obedience
d) Foreign Missions, Educate, Evangelize

What day do Christians observe as the holiest day of the week?
a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Thursday
d) Sunday

All of the following are the four marks of church except
a) Church is One
b) Church Holy
c) Church is Catholic
d) church is Gnostic

Who is the cornerstone of the church?
a) Christ
b) Paul
c) Peter
d) John

Who were the successors to the apostles?
a) The apostles
b) The disciples
c) Jesus
d) The Bishops

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