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On a warm summer day, your skin feels sticky and sweaty. Which is probably true
a) The humidity is low
b) The humidity is high
c) The air pressure is rising
d) The air pressure is dropping

You are sitting on the beach at night when you feel a breeze. What type of breeze is this most likely to be?
a) A sea breeze
b) A land breeze
c) A mountain breeze
d) A valley breeze

When does the most solar radiation reach the southern hemisphere
a) December, January, February
b) March, April, May
c) June, July, August
d) September, October, November

When does the most solar radiation reach the northern hemisphere?
a) December, January, February
b) March, April, May
c) June, July, August
d) September, October, November

When two air masses of different densities and temperature meet, it's called__________.
a) a front
b) a high pressure zone
c) a storm
d) an air mass boundary

__________ powers the water cycle.
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Water vapor
d) Sunlight

What kind of climate does California have?
a) mediterranean only
b) highland only
c) mediterranean and highland
d) none of the above

Regions with a __________ closer to the equator receive more solar radiation.
a) longitude
b) latitude
c) climate
d) landform

When you exhale on a cold morning, you see what looks like fog coming out with your breath. What term helps explain this?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) humidity
d) precipitation

What causes sea breezes and land breezes?
a) conduction
b) evaporation
c) temperature
d) convection currents

Which is true about climate along coastal areas?
a) The temperatures are colder
b) The temperatures are warmer
c) The temperatures are more stable
d) The temperatures fluctuate a lot

The meteorologist announces that there is a westerly wind. What does this mean?
a) The wind speed is increasing.
b) The wind is coming from the west.
c) The wind is coming from the east.
d) The wind is blowing from east to west.

Meteorologists refer to some floods as flash floods because __________.
a) they often occur during lightning storms
b) they last for extended periods of time
c) there is often little warning before they occur
d) they know about them far in advance

Violent storms can occur along
a) warm fronts
b) cold fronts
c) stationary fronts
d) occluded fronts

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