Matter Question Preview (ID: 1910)

Forde/Ferrier TAKS Format Questions About Matter.

Everything that has mass and takes up space is-
a) Matter
b) Mass
c) Weight
d) Volume

The amount of space taken up by an object is called its-
a) Weight
b) Volume
c) Height
d) Mass

The Weight of an object is based on-
a) Mass and Gravity
b) Gravity and Inertia
c) Gravity and Volume
d) Mass and Volume

Which of these is an example of a liquid?
a) Oxygen
b) Rock
c) Milk
d) Carbon Dioxide

Mary left an ice cube out in the Sun, and watched it melt. This happened because-
a) As the temperature increases, solids change into liquids.
b) Solids do not change as the temperature increases.
c) As the temperature increases, liquids change into solids.
d) As the temperature decreases, liquids change into gasses.

Electrical wires are made out of different types of metal because-
a) Metal is the only available natural resource
b) Metal is too expensive
c) Metal can be recycled
d) Metal is a good conductor of electricity

Sound travels faster through __________ than through liquids and gases.
a) Metal
b) Wood
c) Air
d) Empty Space

Which of the following is NOT a good form of electrical insulation?
a) Plastic
b) Wood
c) Metal
d) Rubber

Mr. Sanchez was changing some electrical wiring in his house. He wore rubber gloves while he worked because rubber is-
a) The cheapest material to make great gloves
b) A good insulator and helps protect against electric shock.
c) A good conductor of electrical current
d) The only substance gloves can be made from

Soun travels faster through _______ than through liquids and gases.
a) Solids
b) Oxygen
c) Empty Space
d) Orange Juice

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