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A merry-go-round horse moves at a constant speed but at a changing ____.
a) velocity
b) balanced force
c) inertia
d) unbalanced force

A horizontal line on a velocity/time graph shows ____ acceleration.
a) positive
b) negative
c) changing
d) zero

Newton's first law of motion is also called the law of ____.
a) mass
b) inertia
c) force
d) constant velocity

Inertia varies depending on ____.
a) force
b) mass
c) velocity
d) motion

If you ride your bike up a hill, then ride down the other side, your acceleration is ____.
a) all positive
b) all negative
c) first positive, than negative
d) first negative, than positive

the speed you read on a speedometer is
a) instantaneous speed
b) constant speed
c) average speed
d) velocity

If you ride your bicycle down a straight road for 500 m then turn around and ride back, your distance is ____ your displacement.
a) greater than
b) equal to
c) less than
d) can't determine

The relationship among speed, distance, and time is ____.
a) t = s/d
b) d = t/s
c) s = dt
d) s = d/t

A single point on a distance-time graph tells the ____.
a) instantaneous speed
b) constant speed
c) average speed
d) average velocity

3 m/s north is an example of a(n) ____.
a) speed
b) velocity
c) position
d) acceleration

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