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What are seismic waves and sound waves similar to?
a) Mountain waves
b) air waves
c) Hand waves
d) Ocean waves

If an earthquake was rated a 5 but was really a 7. Is there a problem?
a) Yes because this means the damage has went up
b) No because if it felt like 5 but was actually a 7, no changes have occured.

What does the moment magnitude scale do?
a) Used to compare earthquakes
b) Used to compare moments

What does the mercalli scale measure?
a) The amount of shaking
b) The total amount of energy released
c) How big the earthquake was.

What causes an earthquake?
a) When two faults crash into each other
b) When two faults slip past each other

What does the Richter scale measure?
a) The energy released by an earthquake
b) The magnitude of the earthquake.
c) The amount of shaking.
d) The amount of damage caused.

What are s-waves?
a) Primary waves
b) secondary waves

What is the order of waves?
a) S-waves, P-waves, Surface waves
b) Surface waves, s-waves, p-waves
c) P-waves, surface waves, s-waves
d) P-waves, s-waves, surface waves

What are P-waves?
a) Primary waves
b) secondary waves

Where is the epicenter located?
a) Below the focus
b) Above the focus
c) Directly above the focus.

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