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If you buy a Komodo dragon as a pet, what sex will it be
a) Male
b) Female

In animals, levels of organization from least to most are
a) Organisms, cells, organ systems, organs, tissues
b) Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms
c) Tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, cells
d) Organ systems, cells, organs, tissues, organisms

Hermaphrodites produce
a) Cells and stomachs
b) Eyes and noses
c) Eggs and sperm
d) Fingers and toes

An endoskeleton can be made up of
a) Shell
b) Chitin
c) Bone
d) Muscle

Sessile means that an animal can
a) Move slowly
b) Move rapidly
c) Move just a little bit
d) Can't move at all

What types of animals have an exoskeleton
a) Sponges
b) Cnidarians
c) Nematodes
d) Arthropods

All animals are multicellular
a) True
b) False

Eukaryotes are cells that can be found in
a) Viruses and plants
b) Bacteria and protista
c) Plants and Fungi
d) Bacteria and Animals

How do animals store food reserves
a) as glucose
b) as sucrose
c) as glycogen
d) as cartilage

Where do animals store the food reserves from Question #3
a) Stomach and Liver
b) Muscles and Liver
c) Muscles and Skin
d) Heart and Stomach

What is an ingestive heterotroph?
a) An organism that dumps digestive juice on its dinner and sucks it up
b) An organism that digests food internally
c) An organism that makes it own food

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