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Which word has a positive connotation?
a) inexpensive
b) cheap

which word has a negative connotation?
a) curious
b) nosy

Choose the sentence that uses the negative connotation of the word in ALL CAPS.
a) We want you to visit our TRANQUIL island.
b) When you arrive, hotel staffers in EXOTIC costumes will greet you.
c) Hotel staffers will bring you STINKY foods that are native to the region.
d) Visit our marketplaces to spend your money on our famous COLLECTIBLES.

Which phrase has a positive connotation?
a) a slender dancer
b) a scrawny dancer

The term that means the feelings and ideas associated with a word.
a) Personification
b) Connotation
c) Definition
d) Senence

My Carolina Quilt Question 4- Read these lines from the poem. Sewn with blue yarn and stamped with striped bass—Catawba, Combahee, Congaree; Savannah, Saluda, Santee. What figurative language is used in these lines?
a) onomatopoiea
b) alliteration
c) metaphor
d) oxymoron

The actual dictionary definition of a word
a) connotation
b) denotation
c) personification
d) plot

My Carolina Quilt Question 7- What type of figurative language the naming of a thing or action by imitation of natural sounds, such as buzz and hiss?
a) onomatopoeia
b) personification
c) simile
d) metaphor

My Carolina Quilt Question 6- What type of figurative language is a figure of speech that uses contradictory terms, which means words that don’t appear to go well together. like icy hot or pretty ugly.
a) sentence
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) oxymoron

My Carolina Quilt Question 3- What is the speaker in this poem most likely doing?
a) lying in bed
b) sewing a quilt
c) drawing a map
d) visiting the beach

My Carolina Quilt Question 4- Read these lines from the poem. Sewn with blue yarn and stamped with striped bass—Catawba, Combahee, Congaree; Savannah, Saluda, Santee. What figurative language is used in these lines?
a) oxymoron
b) alliteration
c) personification
d) onomatopoeia

Hammer and Sickle Question 7- What is the central idea of Lines 45-63?
a) With military backing, the Communist law of sharing was strictly enforced.
b) Thoough it was meant to spread equal benefits, Communism turned out to be unfair and inefficient.
c) Under Communism, people were forced by gunpoint to share their harvests.
d) If everyone does his or her part, then everyone will benefit equally from what is produced.

My Carolina Quilt Question 2- What is in the middle of the quilt?
a) rivers
b) islands
c) forests
d) mountains

My Carolina Quilt Question 1 - What is the main subject of the quilt?
a) various parts of the human body
b) mountain ranges of the Southeast
c) Native American tribes and settlers
d) geographical features of a Southern state

Hammer and Sickle Question 3- Judging from the text (Line 4) and the picture, what does SUPERIMPOSED mean?
a) minimized
b) placed over
c) surrounded by
d) sketched

Hammer and Sickle Question 1- The subtitle of the above passage is Traditional Symbols of Communism, Which of the following could also be used as the subtitle?
a) The Tradition of the Cold War
b) The History of Communism in Russia
c) The Traditional Use of Hammers and Sickles
d) The History of the Soviet Sign

Hammer and Sickle Question 2-The above passage is an example of what type of text?
a) informational text: persuasive
b) informational text: expository
c) literary text: nonfiction
d) literary text: drama

Hammer and Sickle Question 6- According to the passage, how long has the hammer and sickle been the Communist symbol?
a) since the Russian Revolution
b) since the Cold War ended
c) since farmers began using sickles
d) since the beginning of the 21st century

Hammer and Sickle Question 5- According to the passage, why were the hammer and sickle chosen to represent Communism?
a) They represented Vladimir Lenin's occupations.
b) They represented the military's strength.
c) They represented the Cold War era.
d) They represented the working people.

Hammer and Sickle Question 4- The sentence, Fortunately, the Cold War never turned hot, (Lines 14-15) can be best described as which of the following?
a) an understatement
b) a play on words
c) euphemism
d) an onomatopoeia

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