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Which pronouns does second person point of view use.
a) They, he, she
b) I, we, us, my, me
c) You, your
d) Her, him

Which sentence is correct
a) My brother took my sister and I to the store.
b) My brother took my sister and me to the store.
c) My brother took me and my sister to the store.
d) My brother took I and my sister to the store.

You will go somewhere today.Which point of view is this sentence?
a) Second
b) First
c) Third
d) None of the above

Which sentence is correct?
a) I won't go to the store yesterday
b) I didn't go to the store yesterday.
c) I didn't go to the store tomorrow
d) I will not go to the yesterday.

What pronouns does first person point of view use?
a) I, we, me, my, us,
b) They, he, she, her, him
c) you, your
d) run, jump, swim

Shamari plays the trumpet. Shamari has a silver trumpet. Shamari has fun playing the trumpet. What is wrong here?
a) Shamari is spelled wrong
b) The writer shouldn't say shamari over and over. He/she should use pronouns.
c) The subject and verb don't agree.
d) Best as it is

Which is first person point of view?
a) They will be back later.
b) You will be back later
c) You will be back soon.
d) I will be back later

What are some the pronouns for third person point of view?
a) I, me, my, us, we
b) You, your,
c) They, he, she, her, him, *name*
d) There, their, they're

We went to the store tomorrow. Correct this sentence.
a) Best as it is
b) We will go to the store tomorrow.
c) We haven't went to the store tomorrow
d) We are at the store tomorrow.

Bob had a fun time yesterday. Which point of view is this?
a) First person.
b) Second person
c) Third person
d) Fourth person

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