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with a harsh, grating sound
a) rasping
b) scuttle
c) rugged
d) slipshod

To distort in such a way as to make unintelligble
a) horde
b) quaver
c) garble
d) recoil

What word has synonyms like worsen, decline
a) escalate
b) render
c) quaver
d) deteriorate

What word has synonyms like shy, diffident
a) demure
b) stacatto
c) enlightened
d) autocractic

What word has synonyms like supple, flexible
a) venomous
b) lithe
c) wily
d) demure

A natural quality or talent
a) preamable
b) flair
c) proponent
d) brevity

To blame, scold
a) aspire
b) render
c) escalate
d) chide

A vast number (as of people)
a) horde
b) envoy
c) exploit
d) concerted

What word has synonyms like rough, rocky
a) erroneous
b) auxiliary
c) brawny
d) rugged

To make up for, regain
a) blanch
b) ponder
c) recoup
d) contend

To fight, struggle
a) mire
b) contend
c) maltreat
d) escalate

to cause to become; to perform
a) render
b) impair
c) inscribe
d) scuttle

A forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disesase or situation
a) envoy
b) prognosis
c) preamble
d) rivulet

What word has synonyms like clever, tricky
a) subversive
b) concise
c) languid
d) wily

What word has synonyms like conciseness and terseness
a) brevity
b) proponent
c) mire
d) preamble

Drooping, without energy, sluggish
a) erroneous
b) languid
c) incredulous
d) repugnant

Inclined to doubt
a) rugged
b) slipshod
c) enlightened
d) skeptical

Detached or disconnected in sound or style
a) synthetic
b) temperate
c) stacatto
d) candid

Work that is hard or tiresome
a) drudgery
b) horde
c) blasphemy
d) envoy

What word has synonyms like painful and heartrending?
a) relentless
b) adept
c) grievous
d) despicable

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