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What character unexpectedly shows up at Ingolstadt?
a) Henry
b) Elizabeth
c) Justine
d) Alphonse

What happens to Victor after he returns to his apartment with Henry?
a) He decides to quit school and return to Geneva.
b) He decides to ask Elizabeth to marry him.
c) He throws a welcome party for Henry.
d) He falls extremely ill.

The description of Elizabeth as livid with the hue of death could possibly foreshadow
a) Victor's death
b) the monster's death
c) Elizabeth's death
d) Henry's death

Victor's rejection of his creation initiates the theme of
a) dangerous knowledge
b) monstrosity
c) secrecy
d) sublime nature

Victor's best friend Henry is the ___ to Victor.
a) mirror
b) antithesis
c) anti-hero
d) antagonist

Victor's goal comes to fruition when
a) he creates the monster
b) he encounters Walton in the sea
c) Elizabeth accepts him as her boyfriend
d) Alphonse and Caroline get married

How does Victor feel when his creation is animated?
a) horrified
b) joyful
c) ambivalent
d) ecstatic

Walton's letters to his sister are an example of what literary device?
a) frame story
b) apostrophe
c) extended metaphor

Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with discovering
a) the source of magnetism in the polar regions
b) whether or not Elizabeth is in love with him
c) why his parents didn't adopt Justine
d) the secret of life

Who is the protagonist and main narrator of the novel?
a) Robert Walton
b) Victor Frankenstein
c) Henry Clerval
d) Alphonse Frankenstein

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