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Which would best aid a scientist in discovering how Earth may have changed over time?
a) finding the nest of a bald eagle
b) tracking the footprints of a wolf
c) analyzing the pollination of a sunflower
d) discovering a fossil of a seashell in a wooded area

What causes ocean tides?
a) Magnetic field of Earth
b) Friction between ocean currents
c) Gravitational attraction of the Moon
d) Air resistance between wind and water

Which of these planets is farthest from the Sun?
a) Jupiter
b) Neptune
c) Saturn
d) Uranus

Most canyons are formed by
a) ice
b) plants
c) steady winds
d) moving water

Which nonrenewable resource is used by most cars and trucks?
a) coal
b) minerals
c) sunlight
d) oil

Which most likely occurs in a 24-hour period?
a) The moon rotates once on its axis
b) Earth rotates once on its axis
c) The moon rotates once around Earth
d) Earth rotates once around the sun

Which planet has rings circling it?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Saturn
d) Mercury

How do plants most commonly break large rocks into smaller pieces?
a) plant leaves insulate surrounding rocks from extreme temperatures
b) plant roots grow into cracks in rocks
c) seeds from plants fall onto rocks and release acidic compounds
d) stems of plants surround and squeeze rocks.

Which of the following lists three organisms that belong to the animal kingdom?
a) strawberry, oyster, and wood duck
b) arter snake, magnolia, and water spider
c) bottled-nosed dolphin, catfish, and mushroom
d) honeybee, mockingbird, and white-tailed deer

Which of the following best explains how stems transport water to other parts of the plant?
a) through a chemical called chlorophyll
b) by using photosynthesis
c) through a system of tubes
d) by converting water to food

Where is most of Earth's freshwater?
a) in the ground
b) in the atmosphere
c) in lakes and rivers
d) in glaciers and icecaps

Which soil type would be fertile for growing the majority of plants?
a) organic and mineral
b) pebbles and gravel
c) light and sandy
d) clay and silt

Terrance decided to perform a second experiment by changing the surface material that the ramp is made of but keeping the ramp height the same. Which material will slow the speed of the ball?
a) glass
b) plastic
c) wood
d) sandpaper

Deep within Earth, rocks are crushed and melted. Which of the following MOST LIKELY happens at this hot, melted rock comes to the surface of Earth?
a) mudslides
b) earthquakes
c) mountains form
d) volcanoes erupt

A large wood log will float in water, but a small rock will sink. Which property of these two objects explains the difference in the way they act when placed in water?
a) size
b) mass
c) weight
d) density

Which of the following is the best observation of the refraction of light?
a) Looking at oneself in a mirror
b) Looking at a shadow of an object
c) Viewing an object through an open window
d) Viewing an object partially in water

Which is not an example of a change from one state of matter to another?
a) steam condensing on a cold window
b) ice cubes melting in a dish of powdered drink mix
c) saltwater boiling to make salt and steam
d) powder mixing with water to make flavored drink

A student shines a flashlight on different colors of paper. Which color of paper will absorb the most light?
a) Red
b) Black
c) White
d) Yellow

Which of these objects is translucent?
a) A student's notebook
b) A mirror on the bus
c) A brick wall of the school
d) A student's sunglasses lenses

What causes day and night on Earth?
a) tilting of Earth's axis
b) rotation of Earth on its axis
c) movement of Earth around the Sun
d) movement of the sun around Earth

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