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All of the following are reasons upwelling is important except ___.
a) brings nutrients to the surface to support food webs
b) provides for good fishing
c) phytoplankton are able to photosynthisize
d) pushes away predaters

Why does warm ocean water stay at the surface?
a) warm water is more dense than cold water
b) cold water is more dense than warm water
c) warm water is the same density as cold water
d) cold water and warm water do not have density

The ocean floor.
a) neritic zone
b) pelagic zone
c) intertidal zone
d) benthic zone

The open ocean that is divided into layers based on how much light reaches each layer.
a) neritic zone
b) pelagic zone
c) intertidal zone
d) benthic zone

The ocean zone that extends to the end of the continetal shelf where sunlight penetrates to the bottom.
a) neritic
b) pelagic
c) intertidal
d) benthic

The ocean zone near shore that is affected by high and low tides.
a) neritic
b) pelagic
c) intertidal
d) benthic

___occurs when warm surface water is blown away by winds to be replaced by cold nutrient rich water from below.
a) Chemosythesis
b) Upwelling
c) Adhesion
d) Estuaries

Estuaries have brackish water. What does brackish mean?
a) salty water
b) fresh water
c) a mix of salt and fresh water
d) dirty water

A ___ is a place where freash water from rivers meets salt water from the ocean.
a) coral reef
b) lake
c) estuary
d) intertidal zone

Organisms that live attached or on the ocean floor.
a) planton
b) netkon
c) benthos
d) pelatic

Oranganism that swim freely in the ocean.
a) plankton
b) nekton
c) bentos
d) pelagic

Organsims that drift with the currents and are usually found near the surface.
a) plankton
b) nekton
c) benthos
d) pelagic

The process used by producers that use of chemicals to make sugar is called ____.
a) photosynthesis
b) chemosynthesis
c) hydrosynthesis
d) thermosynthesis

Deep ocean ecosystem that spews hot fluids into the ocean and supports a wide variety of organisms.
a) mangroves
b) hydrothermal vents
c) coral reefs
d) trenches

_ is a measure of the dissolved salts in water.
a) salinity
b) pH
c) temperature
d) polarity

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