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Which of the following best explains why many species of birds in New England fly south for the winter months?
a) to find a place to hibernate
b) to move away from strong sunlight
c) to find an environment with more food
d) to move away from crowded environments

Which of the following may happen during asexual reproduction?
a) Fruit is made
b) Seeds are scattered
c) Spores are released
d) A flower is pollinated

Which statement describes asexual and sexual reproduction?
a) Asexual is one part of sexual reproduction
b) Sexual reproduction happens before asexual
c) Asexual needs one parent, and sexual needs two parents
d) Sexual happens only in animals, and asexual happens only in plants

Eduardo found an object in a nearby lake. Which of these must Eduardo find in the object for it to be identified as a living organism?
a) blood
b) cells
c) heart
d) skin

A teacher mixed food and liquid with acids and enzymes. This mixture was filtered so that the nutrients and water were removed. Which body system does this represent?
a) nervous
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Ball-and-socket, hinge, and immovable joints are all part of what body system?
a) skeletal
b) nervous
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Puppies have characteristics that are inherited and other that are learned from their environment. Which of the following traits is learned?
a) Fur color
b) Large eas
c) Wagging tail
d) Catching a ball

Which statement describes why phytoplankton is classified as a plant instead of an animal?
a) It has a nucleus inside each cell
b) It is used by organisms for food
c) It uses sunlight to make its own food
d) It reacts to stimuli in the environment

Maria decided to reach for a glass of water that was on the table. Which body system sent instructions to her arm that made it move toward the glass?
a) skeletal
b) nervous
c) curculatory
d) respiratory

A company collects cans for recycling. Some cans are made of aluminum, and some are made of iron. Which of the following is the best way to separate the two types of cans?
a) Float the cans in water
b) Use scissors to cut the cans
c) Use a magnet to pick up the iron cans
d) none of these

Which two human body systems help with the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients?
a) circulatory and muscular
b) digestive and circulatory
c) muscular and reproductive
d) reproductive and digestive

All of the landforms on Earth are constantly changing shape. What is most responsible for the changes in the landforms?
a) earthquakes
b) water erosion
c) pollution
d) oceans

Which is a not a cause of erosion?
a) heavy rains
b) strong winds
c) bright sunlight
d) diggings animals

Which of the following is best classified as a nonrenewable resource?
a) grass
b) aluminum
c) sunlight
d) oxygen

In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
a) by adding heat to Earth's surface
b) by adding gases to the atmosphere
c) by adding lava to Earth's surface
d) by adding water vapor to the atmosphere

Which structure is the direct result of sexual reproduction?
a) cone
b) flower
c) seed
d) spore

Which of the following can be caused by weathering?
a) cracks forming in a boulder
b) rocks melting to form magma
c) glaciers forming on a mountainside
d) pebbles combining to form a large rock

Which of these occurs when Earth's crust slips at a fault line?
a) Tornadoes
b) Earthquakes
c) Snowstorms
d) Water erosion

The Blue Ridge Mountains form part of the eastern Appalachian Mountains. How were these mountains most likely formed?
a) Earthquakes caused rocks to form piles
b) Large moving earth plates ran into one another
c) Wind blew sediments into clumps
d) Rivers wore away rock, leaving peaks

After lake water flows through a dam, which processes help replace the water in the lake?
a) Rainfall and runoff
b) Erosion and weathering
c) Refraction and reflection
d) Separating and evaporating

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