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Which of these is a disease of wheat?
a) pnemonia
b) measles
c) warts
d) rust

Which of the following can NOT be made from wheat?
a) bread
b) plastic
c) beer
d) aluminum

The practice of planting a different crop each year is called
a) no till farming
b) the green revolution
c) crop rotation
d) staggered planting

The Green Revolution occurred in
a) Mexico
b) the United States
c) Germany
d) Canada

Wheat needs a lot of _________ fertilizer.
a) Nitrogen
b) Sulfur
c) Zinc
d) Iron

Turkey Red was a wheat brought to the US from
a) France
b) Africa
c) Peru
d) Russia

The awns of a wheat plant are known as
a) sprouts
b) beards
c) flags
d) stubble

In Kansas wheat is planted in
a) January
b) April
c) June
d) October

How many pounds of wheat should be planted per acre?
a) 40
b) 50
c) 60
d) 70

Wheat originated in the
a) Fertile Crescent
b) Hawaiian Islands
c) Arctic
d) European Mainland.

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