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what is a fief
a) a piece of land
b) a serf
c) a type of dog
d) a mansion

How was feudalism developed?
a) they needed a new government
b) attacks from the Vikings
c) the kings wanted more money
d) the kings wanted to be popular

In the feudal system who held power?
a) those who owned land
b) those who had gold
c) those who had many serfs
d) no one

How much of the population of Europe died during the Black Death?
a) none
b) about 1/3
c) about 1/4
d) about 2 million

A system where peasants worked the lords mansion in exchange for his protection and the ability to farm some of the land for themselves,
a) Manor systen
b) Landright system
c) Feudal sharecropper system
d) bushido

A disease that kill 25% of Europe, it came as a result of fleas on the back of rats that came on ships trading with Europe.
a) measles
b) flu
c) bubonic plague/ black death
d) cold

People who lived on the lord\'s manor but did not own the land and if he sold the land they went with it.
a) Serfs
b) Knights
c) Lords
d) Wealthy

People who fight on horseback in the Middle Ages
a) King
b) Serf
c) Vassal
d) Knight

The person who promises his loyalty and protection in exchange for land
a) Lord
b) Knight
c) Serf
d) King

A person that grants land to another in exchange for loyalty and protection.
a) Lord
b) Vassal
c) Fief
d) Knight

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