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Why did many native populations rebel against European colonial rule?
a) European powers mistreated native populations
b) Native populations demanded the right to vote
c) Native populations demanded to be allowed to into Christian churches
d) Native populations wanted more European troops in their countries

Following the Spanish-American War, how did other countries view the U.S.?
a) as a weak, broke, but lucky nation
b) as a world power with a powerful army
c) as a nation that had no influence beyond its border
d) as a nation that does not get involved with others' affairs

Which Spanish colonies were claimed by the U.S. after the Treaty of Paris?
a) Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines
b) Puerto Rico and Guam
c) Cuba, Hawaii, and Fiji
d) the Philippines, Hawaii, and Galapagos

What ws the main issue that resulted in the Spanish-American War?
a) the need to capture Spanish ships
b) the desire for Cuban independence from Spain
c) Cuba's desire to colonize
d) the need for Cuba to borrow money from the U.S.

What was the result of the Opium Wars in China?
a) China defeated the European powers and kicked them out
b) China emerged as a world power
c) China agreed to only trade with Japan
d) China lost and had to open its borders to European trade

Why was Suez Canal important to the European-India trade route?
a) The canal provided a rest period for crews on the ships
b) The ships could be searched for illegal goods
c) The canal saved 5,000 miles of sea travel and time
d) The canal earned profits for many Egyptian citizens

Which European country established the largest imperial empire?
a) France
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) Great Britain

Which term describes extreme national pride and the wish to strengthen the nation?
a) imperialism
b) nationalism
c) patriotism
d) self-rule

Which European nation did Japan defeat in war in 1905?
a) Germany
b) France
c) England
d) Russia

What was the goal for the Boxer Rebellion?
a) to give France total control of Chinese trade
b) to spread democracy throughout China
c) to build more ports along the Chinese coast
d) to rid China of outside influence

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