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A billiards (pool) player uses chalk to decrease friction. Which type of friction does it minimize?
a) rolling
b) sliding
c) static
d) fluid

What increases friction?
a) rough surfaces
b) smooth surfaces
c) more speed
d) more surface area

What type of friction occurs when you ride a bike through a mud puddle?
a) rolling and sliding friction
b) Fluid and sliding friction
c) Fluid and static friction
d) Rolling and fluid friction

One way to increase friction is to use
a) wax
b) oil
c) sand
d) pebbles

Which of these surfaces would have the most friction?
a) Concrete
b) An icy road
c) Wet pavement
d) Aluminum foil

Friction is a force that
a) does not exist on smooth surfaces
b) decreases with a larger mass
c) opposes an object's motion
d) does not exist on all rough surfaces

Why is it easy to slip on a wet floor?
a) The friction between your feet and the floor change form static to kinetic energy
b) The water increases the friction between your feet and the floor
c) The frcition between your feet and the floor changes from sliding friction to rolling friction
d) The water is a lubricant and reduces the friction between your feet and the floor

Which surface has the least amount of friction?
a) concrete
b) grass
c) carpet
d) ice

Which is not an example of friciton?
a) Your shoe hitting the pavement when you run
b) Jumping up and down on a trampoline
c) Spikes on soccer cleats digging in the grass
d) Brakes against wheels on a car when it stops

What are the four types of friction?
a) rolling, static, stationary, kinetic
b) sliding, rolling, slipping, static
c) static, rolling, sliding, fluid
d) fluid, statnic, sliding, rolling

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