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Which of the following choices best represents force?
a) a push or pull always causing motion
b) a push or pull always causing acceleration
c) a push or pull acting without an object
d) a push or pull acting on an object

What is the overall push or pull exerted on an object in order to change the object's motion?
a) gravity
b) force
c) newton
d) friction

Which would not be a way to reduce friction?
a) using ball bearings
b) using sand paper
c) pouring sand on ice
d) lubricating friction

In which of the following activities is friction harmful?
a) brakes stopping a car
b) a person walking
c) erasing mistakes with an eraser
d) car engine parts wearing out

In which of the following activities is friction helpful?
a) Engine parts wearing out
b) Car tires moving a car forward
c) Soil erosion
d) Holes developing in your socks

Which of these is opposed by static friction?
a) a pencil rolling on a table
b) a dog running in a yard
c) a chair sliding on a floor
d) a working pushing on a non-moving box

Which of these is opposed by kinetic friction?
a) a book sitting on a table
b) a cat standing in a yard
c) a box sliding on the floor
d) a child leaning on a building

When a mover puts furniture on wheels, which type of friction is the mover using to make the job easier?
a) static friction
b) sliding friction
c) rolling friction
d) kinetic friction

What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact?
a) Velocity
b) Motion
c) Friction
d) Acceleration

Which are the two factors that determine the amount of friction?
a) The force and the roughness of the surfaces
b) Hills and valleys and the roughness
c) The force and how much surfaces come in contact
d) the force and weight exerted on the surfaces

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