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What is the main way that a dog's body maintains a constant temperature?
a) It crowds together with other animals.
b) It darkens its skin to absorb more heat.
c) It tries to spend as much time in the sunlight as possible.
d) It generates heat by converting food into energy.

Which is an inherited behavior?
a) Birds nesting near a highway are not bothered by the traffic noise
b) Chicks peck at a certain spot on their parent's bill to get food.
c) Some chimpanzees use sign language to communicate.
d) A dog brings back a tossed ball.

A monarch butterfly in Mexico finds its way back to its original home in Canada. This type of behavior is called ____________.
a) instinct
b) courting
c) reflex
d) learned

To ensure their survival, animals must respond to each of the following internal cues EXCEPT __________.
a) hunger
b) affection
c) thirst
d) sleep

In an experiment, a group of kittens was raised together with a rat. An adult cat raised in this group was placed together with a rat. The cat did not kill the rat. This behavior would best be considered __________.
a) an instinct
b) inherited
c) a stimulus
d) learned

An artic fox develops a white coat of fur during the winter. This response to the environment is for the animal's ___________.
a) migration
b) hibernation
c) courtship
d) defense

Which of the following is a behavioral response for the defense of the animal?
a) A robin flies south during the winter.
b) A worm moves oout of the light and into the dark.
c) A wasp uses a stinger when threatened.
d) A turtle becomes dormant in the mud of a pond.

An adaptation that allows an organism to defend itself by blending into its environment is called _________.
a) hibernation
b) migration
c) camouflage
d) shedding

In order to prepare for their nutritional needs during the cold winter months, some animals ___________.
a) burrow into the soil.
b) grow an extra thick layer of fur.
c) overeat and develop layers of fat.
d) change the color of their fur.

Squirrels spend most of their time storing up food. They like to live near trees that produce nuts they can bury in the ground. Which is the best reason why squirrels behave this way?
a) so they will have food during the winter when food is scarce
b) so other animals won't have food and wil have to leave the area.
c) so they won't have to leave their territory to look for food.
d) so they will have large amounts of food to attract a mate.

In order to keep cool during the warm summer months, __________.
a) snakes shed their skin
b) reptiles develop layers of fat
c) mammals shed their thick fur
d) amphibians become dormant

Which is an advantage that warm-blooded animals have over cold-blooded animals?
a) Warm-blooded animals can have smaller bodies than cold-blooded animals.
b) Warm-blooded animals require less energy to survive than cold-blooded animals.
c) Warm-blooded animals can remain active in cold environments while cold-blooded animals cannot.
d) Warm-blooded animals can survive longer periods without food than cold-blooded animals

Which animal is warm blooded?
a) fish
b) bird
c) snake
d) alligator

Which is a characteristic of ectothermic animals?
a) They do not maintain a constant internal temperature
b) They have a body temperature that stays nearly the same.
c) They can cool their bodies by sweating.
d) They have to eat a lot of food to keep warm.

Some Galapagos finches have heavy, strong beaks, while others have small pointed beaks. Which best explains the differences in their beaks?
a) The climate is different for these birds
b) There are different predators where the birds live
c) There are different foods available where the birds live.
d) The beak allows them to attract a suitable mate

Which group of animals have structures that allow them to move quickly and easily?
a) amphibians
b) sponges
c) echinoderms
d) mollusks

Bird feathers are strong, flexible, and lightweight. Which is one way feathers elp birds?
a) Feathers release heat
b) Feathers absorb water.
c) Feathers attract predators
d) Feathers enable birds to fly

Choose the answer below that correctly matches the vertebrate with its structural characteristics.
a) mammal: endothermic,have fur or hair, breathe with lungs
b) fish: ectothermic, have scales, breathe with lungs
c) bird: ectothermic, have feathers, breathe with lungs
d) reptile: ectothermic, have smooth moist skin, breathe with gills

What does it mean to be an invertebrate?
a) The animal does not have a backbone
b) The animal has a backbone
c) The animal lives on land
d) The animal lives in water

The only group of animals that begin their lives in the water breathing with gills and as adults can live on land breathing with lungs is the ______.
a) echinoderms
b) mollusks
c) amphibians
d) reptiles

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