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Which is NOT a strategy used by the Union Army
a) Naval Blockade
b) Use of war supplies from Europe
c) Control the Mississippi
d) Total War

Which is NOT a cause of the Civil War
a) Geographical differences between the North and South
b) Expansion of Slavery
c) election of Lincoln
d) The Union blockade on the south

To break away; leave
a) entrapment
b) emancipation
c) secede
d) insurrection

Served as drummers and flag bearers during the war
a) Women
b) Children
c) Slave Owners
d) Poor Farmers

Took on non-traditional roles back home on the plantations and farms
a) Women
b) Free Blacks
c) Children
d) Poor Farmers

1st all Black Union Soldiers
a) Stono Rebellion
b) 54th Massachusetts Regiment
c) Sons of Liberty
d) Radical Republicans

A war strategy focusing on civilians and resources
a) Total War
b) Guerilla Warfare
c) Blockade
d) Nullification

Demanded the freedom of all slaves in the seceding states
a) Black Codes
b) Compromise of 1876
c) Emancipation Proclamation
d) Ordinance of Secession

prompted South Carolina to secede from the Union
a) Dred Scott Decision
b) Election of Lincoln in 1860
c) Fugitive Slave Act
d) Nullification Crisis

Led a campaign, called march to the sea, to destroy the south and force them to surrender
a) William Sherman
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Robert Smalls
d) Jefferson Davis

A Confederate fort in which an all black Union regiment lead a charge.
a) Port Royal
b) Fort Sumter
c) Fort Wagner
d) Fort Moultrie

He was a slave who escaped the Confederate Army and sailed into Union blockade lines.
a) Robert Smalls
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) William Sherman
d) Dred Scott

A Confederate submarine that sank a Union Ship
a) Hunley
b) Planter
c) Housatonic
d) Old South

The first capture of a Confederate Arsenal by the Union army happened at this port.
a) Port Georgia
b) Port Royal
c) Port of Boston
d) Port Sumter

The first battle of the Civil War.
a) Fort Benning
b) Fort Jackson
c) Fort Sumter
d) Fort Moultrie

Strategy used by the Union to prevent shipping in the Confederate States.
a) Reconstruction
b) Blockade
c) Mercantilism
d) Total War

Invented by Eli Whitney, this machine made separating seeds from cotton easier and increased the need for slaves
a) Cotton gin
b) Spinning Jenny
c) Postage Stamp
d) Loom

Which was NOT an advantage of the Union army at the start of the war?
a) Experienced military generals
b) Wealth
c) Iron Production
d) Population

What was the goal of the Union Army during the Civil War
a) Expand Slavery and increase cotton production
b) Keep the North and South separate
c) End slavery and preserve the Union
d) Re-open the slave trade

When did the Civil War occur?
a) 1776-1783
b) 1861-1865
c) 1812-1814
d) 1820-1860

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