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Which group of people had less rights in Athens than they did in Sparta?
a) Politicians
b) Women
c) Warriors
d) Leaders

What was the name of the alliance organized and dominated by the Athenians?
a) Triple Alliance
b) League of Justice
c) Peloponessian League
d) Delian League

What was a civilization that became Hellenistic after the defeat of the Greek city-states?
a) Egypt
b) Russia
c) China
d) India

What allowed the Athenians to concentrate on politics and the Spartans to concentrate on war?
a) Money
b) Slavery
c) Arts
d) War

Who was kept out of site in Athenian society?
a) Children
b) Women
c) Men
d) Slaves

Which of the following would be a good motto for Sparta?
a) Every man for himself
b) Put the city's needs before your own
c) Education is fundamental
d) Have peace, not war

What term is used to define Greek history after the death of Alexander the Great?
a) Persian
b) Pelopenssian
c) Hellenistic
d) Romanesque

What was the name of the Egyptian city built in the style of Greece?
a) Cairo
b) Alexandria
c) Baghdad
d) Sarna

Which city-state banned its people from outside travel?
a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Corinth
d) Persia

Which battle was won by the Athenians and elevated them to the top of Greek civilization?
a) Corinth
b) Sparta
c) Athens
d) Marathon

Who tutored Alexander the Great as a young boy?
a) Plato
b) Socrates
c) Aristotle
d) Pericles

What do you call the preventing of ships from getting into Athens during the Peloponessian War?
a) Blockade
b) Quartering
c) Raid
d) Stampede

To defeat the Athenians,with which enemy did the Greek city-states unite?
a) Sparta
b) Egypt
c) Persia
d) China

What was the place where goods were sold and politics were discussed?
a) Temple
b) Agora
c) Baazar
d) Ziggurat

Who has modeled their architecture after the work of the Greeks?
a) All
b) United States
c) Sweden
d) Peru

What is something that a boy in Athens could look forward to doing when he grows up?
a) Traveling to Egypt for an education
b) Vacationing in Italy
c) Becoming a Spartan citizen
d) Participating in Politics

What was the Spartan name for a slave?
a) Helios
b) Vendor
c) Helot
d) Agora

What was the widespread disease called that crippled Athens and made it too weak to defend itself?
a) Infection
b) Plague
c) Flu
d) Disease

What happened to Greek culture after the conquering by the Macedonians?
a) It ended
b) It spread
c) Nothing
d) All

What was life like in Sparta?
a) Harsh
b) Time mostly spent on education
c) Open and friendly
d) Artistic and cultured

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