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Rockets move forward because
a) gas is propelled out of the back of the rocket.
b) they have a streamlined nose cone.
c) they are lighter than air.
d) they have a three-stage booster system.

Rocket technology originated in
a) China.
b) Germany.
c) Russia.
d) the United States.

When did Tsiolkovsky and Goddard begin developing modern rockets?
a) in the early 1900s
b) during World War II
c) in the 1100s
d) in the 1860s

During World War II, rockets were used to
a) send astronauts to the moon.
b) all of the above
c) launch spy satellites into space.
d) carry explosives.

The reaction force that propels a rocket forward is called
a) thrust.
b) inertia.
c) gravity.
d) velocity.

The main advantage of multistage rockets is that
a) the total weight of the rocket is reduced as the rocket rises.
b) they are usually very small.
c) they are very easy to design and build.
d) the entire rocket goes into space.

Which event began the space race?
a) The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I.
b) The United States launched Explorer 1.
c) Yuri Gagarin went into space.
d) The United States established NASA.

The space race was between
a) the Soviet Union and China.
b) the United States and China.
c) Great Britain and the Soviet Union.
d) the United States and the Soviet Union.

The first human in space was
a) Laika Sputnik.
b) Yuri Gagarin.
c) John Glenn.
d) Alan Shepard.

During the early 1900s in the United States, experimental rockets were designed and built by
a) Robert Goddard.
b) Isaac Newton.
c) Werher von Braun.
d) Jules Verne.

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