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Two cars are in motion for the same amount of time. What will determine which car covers more distance?
a) The starting position of each car.
b) The speed of the car.
c) The direction in which each car moves.
d) The length of each car.

A car is driven for 3 hours. What else do you need to know to describe the car's speed?
a) The road the car is driven on.
b) The time of day.
c) The distance the car is driven.
d) The number of passengers in the car.

A student uses a bat to hit a softball with a certain force. Then she hits a heavier ball with the same force. How does does the heavier ball move in compared with the lighter softball.
a) more slowly and not as far
b) more slowly and farther
c) faster and not as far
d) faster and farther

A student pulls four classroom objects with the same amount of force. On which object's motion will the pull have the greatest effect?
a) the desk
b) the chair
c) the textbook
d) the pencil

What causes an object to fall to the ground?
a) air resistance
b) gravity
c) time
d) friction

How do bacteria compare with humans?
a) Both are unicellular organisms
b) Only humans are multicellular
c) Only bacteria are multicellular
d) Both are multicellular

Which of the following is a unicellular organism?
a) an amoeba
b) a goldfish
c) seaweed
d) a tree

Which system gives the body structure and support?
a) digestive system
b) muscular system
c) skeletal system
d) nervous system

Which is a learned behavior for a dog?
a) walking on four legs
b) rolling over on command
c) barking
d) panting

Which statement is TRUE?
a) Behaviors are never inherited
b) Behaviors are always inherited
c) Acquired traits are passed from parents to offspring.
d) Inherited traits are passed from parents to offspring.

Which statement correctly identifies a part of the circulatory system and its function?
a) The heart pumps blood.
b) The brain makes decisions.
c) The muscles move the body.
d) The lungs take in oxygen.

Which of these traits can a tree NOT pass to its offspring?
a) the shape of its leaves
b) a trunk scarred by lightning.
c) roots that grow toward water
d) the kind of seeds it forms

Which systems work together to bring oxygen into the body and deliver it to the cells?
a) muscular and skeletal
b) nervous and digestive
c) respiratory and circulatory
d) nervous and respiratory

How are estuaries different from lakes, rivers, and oceans?
a) Estuaries contain only salt water
b) Estuaries contain only freshwater
c) Estuaries are terrestrial ecosystems
d) Estuaries contain both salt water and freshwater

Which group do fungi, bacteria, and termites belong to?
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) herbivores
d) omniovres

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