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What country did the Industrial Revolution begin in?
a) China
b) Spain
c) England
d) France

What does revolution mean?
a) War
b) factories
c) a large change
d) farms were taken over

Who took over the villagers small farms?
a) Lords and vassals
b) clergy
c) king
d) wealthy landowners

How did the industrial revolution change production
a) Materials were no longer being made by hand, instead they were created by machines
b) Materials were no longer being made by machines, instead they were made by hand
c) Farms were worked by villagers
d) Workers produced large amounts of products due to great working conditions

Mr. McNamara owns a textile company. He produces 800 pieces of clothing a day. He hired his family. friends, and workers to produce products. Is that socialism or capitalism?
a) Socialsim
b) Capitalism

Which philosophy believed in a classless society in which the government controls businesses
a) Socialsim
b) Capitalism

Which philosophy believed in private owners, competition, and working based upon interests
a) Socialism
b) Capitalism

How did the population increase change production?
a) Less workers to produce products
b) Less goods and food were needed
c) More goods and food were needed
d) More farms were created to provide food

Which of the following are NOT a reason the working conditions were so horrible
a) Plenty of Workers
b) Needed large amounts of products
c) Strict labor unions
d) No laws regulating work

Why did the revolution begin in England?
a) Had the money, natural resources, and plenty of workers
b) Plenty of workers, farms, country was in debt
c) Country was in debt, plenty of factories, small amount of workers
d) Plenty of workers, money, needed natural resources

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