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The amount of surface area affects the friction between objects in ____________________.
a) liquids and gases
b) liquids and solids
c) solids and gases
d) liquids, solids, and gases

Smooth surfaces tend to create _____________.
a) no friction
b) more friction
c) less friction
d) depends on the object.

When drawing a Distance-Time graph, you must.....
a) Put the dependent and independent variables on the correct axis.
b) Correctly label the axis and have the correct invtervals
c) Title the graph
d) All of the above

If 2 objects are hit with the SAME force, which will travel farther?
a) The one with less mass
b) The one with the most mass
c) They will both travel the same speed.
d) This is not possible

What makes objects fall to the ground?
a) motion
b) force
c) Gravity
d) friction

What causes the needle of a compass to move?
a) Volcano Lava
b) Earth's magnetism
c) The moon's pull
d) Gravity

A car's tires rolling across the road is an example of......?
a) Friction
b) Mass
c) Weight
d) Gravity

If there was no ______________ it would be hard to slow down or stop objects.
a) Mass
b) Friction
c) Gravity
d) Mangetism

Define Speed.
a) The measure of an object's volume.
b) The measure of how much an object weights.
c) The measure of how fast and object is moving.
d) The measure of how smart something is.

A stronger ____________ will make an object more __________
a) Gravity; Magnetism
b) Force; slower
c) Force; Faster
d) Gravity; slower

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