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______________ is a force that happens at a distance and can't be seen
a) Magnetism
b) Mass
c) Gravity
d) Pull

This term means, 'A pull that attracts objects to each other.'
a) Position
b) Friction
c) Gravity
d) Speed

This effect can be seen as an objects slides across a surface and slows down.
a) Speed
b) Friction
c) Magnetism
d) Gravity

Which of the following words are examples of position words?
a) above and behind of
b) below and ahead of
c) beside
d) all of the above

North, South, East, West, Up, Down, Left, Right, Toward, Forward are all examples of what?
a) Direction
b) Position
c) Gravity
d) Explainations

This force causes a change in motion.
a) Equal
b) Balanced
c) Unbalanced
d) At rest

If a force is applied in the SAME direction an object is moving, the object will __________.
a) Stop
b) Remain the same speed
c) Slow down
d) Speed up

If a force is applied to the side of a MOVING object, the object will ____________.
a) The object will speed up
b) The object will drop
c) The object will turn
d) The object will stop.

A rough surface will create _____________
a) less friction
b) more friction
c) the same amount of friction
d) no friction

What reduces the effects of friction?
a) gravity
b) lubriction
c) wind
d) rocks

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