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In a polar covalent band, where are acidic hydrogens usually located?
a) at the positive end
b) in any position
c) between the positive and negative ends
d) at the negative end

Acidic hydrogens are usually bonded to elements that attract electrons
a) very strongly.
b) very weakly.
c) somewhat weakly.
d) somewhat strongly.

Which of the following categories contains members with the -COOH group?
a) carboxylic acids
b) oxy acids
c) binary acids
d) inorganic acid

The acid that is often called the "king of chemicals" is
a) sulfuric acid.
b) phosphoric acid.
c) nitric acid.
d) acetic acid.

In a molecule of acetic acid, HC2H3O2, the acidic hydrogen is the hydrogen bonded to a(n)
a) carbon atom.
b) oxygen atom.
c) hydrogen atom.
d) methyl group.

Which of the following is characteristic of a Bronsted-Lowry base?
a) unshared pair of electrons
b) incomplete shell of electrons
c) single attached proton
d) multiple attached protons

Which of the anions is the strongest base?
a) OH-
b) Cl-
c) NO3-
d) PO4 3-

The category of bases that includes the nitrogen atom is labeled
a) amines.
b) anions.
c) cations.
d) chlorides.

What is the correct name of the acid HNO2?
a) nitrous acid
b) nitric acid
c) nitrite acid
d) nitrate acid

The correct anme of the acid HBr is
a) hydrobromic acid.
b) hydrobromous acid.
c) bromate acid.
d) bromite acid.

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