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Every object in the universe exerts a force on every other object. This force is called?
a) friction
b) intertia
c) gravity
d) mass

The measure of the force of gravity on an object is the objects?
a) weight
b) mass
c) intertia
d) velocity

What is the speed of a marble that is dropped from the top of Grove City High School at the end of 1 second?
a) 9.8m/s
b) 19.6m/s
c) 10m/s
d) 12m/s

Which of these opposes acceleration due to gravity
a) momentum
b) air resistence
c) reaction force
d) terminal velocity

What force causes a leaf to fall more slowly than a penny?
a) gravity
b) momentum
c) inertia
d) air resistence

_________ friction would be swimming.
a) sliding
b) fluid
c) rolling
d) bouncing

A bowling ball rolling down a lane would be ________________friction.
a) sliding
b) rolling
c) fluid
d) unrestrained

A baseball player sliding into 2nd base would be ___________friction
a) sliding
b) rolling
c) fluid
d) painful

Was the first that believed that objects fell at the same rate?
a) Aristotle
b) Galileo
c) Mr Smith
d) Archimedes

All falling objects travel at?
a) 1m/s
b) 12m/s
c) different rates
d) 9.8m/s

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