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The speed of an object is measures by its?
a) amount of acceleration
b) magnitude of momentum
c) distance traveled per unit of time
d) distance traveled

How far way from its starting point would a truck be in 3 hours if its average speed was 100 kilometers/hour.
a) 300 kilometers
b) 33.3 kilometers
c) 300 kilometers/second
d) 33.3 kilometers/hour

The speed that does not change is called?
a) velocity
b) terminal velocity
c) constant speed
d) acceleration

Negative acceleration is the same as?
a) terminal velocity
b) an increase in speed
c) an increase in velocity
d) deceleration

Which of the following is accelerating?
a) a car traveling 330 kilometers/hour slow to 25 kilometers/hour
b) a car traveling 33 kilometers/hour speed up to 42 kilometers/hour
c) a car traveling 33 kilometers/hour due north turns east while still traveling 33 kilometers/hour/
d) all of the above

A lubricant changes sliding friction to?
a) sliding
b) fluid
c) rolling
d) gravity

Distance is measured in?
a) miles
b) meters
c) kilometers
d) b and c

Time is measured in?
a) seconds
b) hours
c) days
d) a and b

How far would a turtle go he was able to walk 1 meter per hour in 4320 minutes
a) 36 m
b) 72 m
c) 100 m
d) 20 m

If a car increased its speed from 20km/hr to 65 km/hr in 10 seconds, what is its acceleration?
a) 4.5 meters/second/second
b) 9 meters/second/second
c) 8 meters/second/second
d) 2 meters/second/second

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