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Cooler air typically __________ because it is ______ dense
a) sinks, more
b) rises, more
c) sinks,less
d) rises, more

Clouds are formed when ________ air rises in the atmosphere _________ and condenses
a) dry, warms
b) dry, cools
c) moist, cools
d) moist, warms

Warmer air typically ________ because it is ________ dense
a) rises, less
b) sinks, less
c) rises, more
d) sinks, more

Which layer of the atmopshere is where all weather occurs
a) stratosphere
b) troposphere
c) mesosphere
d) exosphere

Which choice correctly shows the layers of the atmosphere as you move AWAY from the Earth
a) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere
b) thermosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, exosphere
c) stratosphere, thermosphere, troposphere, mesosphere, exosphere
d) exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere

Air pressure is caused by.....
a) the weight of air molecules pulled down by Earth's gravity
b) the moon's gravity
c) winds
d) differences in the density of air

Winds are caused by....
a) uneven heating of the Earth
b) tides
c) moon's gravity
d) solar flares

As you move up in the atmosphere, the air becomes _________ and air pressure _________
a) thinner, decreases
b) thicker, decreases
c) thinner, increases
d) thicker, increases

Cold fronts typically bring....
a) light rain, gentle winds, and cooler temps
b) heavy rain, strong winds, and cooler temps
c) hurricanes and warmer weather
d) Snow and wind

The place where a warm air mass meets a cold air mass is called a....
a) front
b) hurricane
c) tornado
d) wind

All of the Earth's water is know as the....
a) hydrosphere
b) lithosphere
c) atmosphere

The crust and solid portion of the mantle are known as the....
a) lithosphere
b) atmosphere
c) hydropshere

All of the Earth's gases are known as....
a) the atmosphere
b) the hydrosphere
c) the lithosphere

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